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World Mental Heath Day 10th October – What to do if you need a bit of extra support…

The 10th October 2017 is World Mental Health Day – an opportunity to acknowledge that everyone is likely to need a bit of extra support at some time in their life. The theme for the day in 2017 is workplace wellbeing, so we are thinking very much about our students studying at SRUC.

Exam stress, juggling commitments, and deadlines are all very much part of student life and are hard to get around. It’s important to remember that there are staff on campus who can support you whatever your difficulties. The worst thing you can do is bury your head in the sand!

Our Student Support web pages give you some useful advice, or you can email and your email will be directed on to the most appropriate person. If you are on campus, try and have a chat with your Course Tutor, Senior Tutor, or one of the Education Support staff, and we will always do our best to help whatever the problem.

Here are some tips for keeping some balance in life:

Plan ahead! Really try to keep organised. The more of a last-minute rush things are, the more stressful. Use some of our handy planning stationery sheets to help!

SRUC Week Planner

SRUC To Do List

SRUC Key Dates List

SRUC Note Pad

Stay healthy. Doing some exercise and keeping healthy is good for our bodies and minds. We all know it, but it’s hard to find the time. Try to set some time aside for going for a walk which will release some lovely endorphins and leave you feeling more positive. Alternatively, have a look at the excellent student recipes in the latest edition of Cultivate Magazine (page 12) and settle down for a relaxing and nutritious meal.

Keep an eye on how much you are drinking. This means both in terms of hydration and alcohol. If you are feeling tired or getting a headache, a drink of water can work wonders – it’s easy to get dehydrated without realising it if you have been studying all day. Alcohol of course has some negative side-effects for our wellbeing – you won’t have a very good night’s sleep and you will be left feeling slugging and dehydrated the next day. Try to follow the minimum guidelines set by the UK Government and try to introduce some alcohol free days into the week. Here’s some great advice from Drink Aware.

Make friends and talk to people. It’s still pretty close to the start of term, so there will be some students who haven’t yet settled in to a friendship group. Talking and interacting with people is really important for our mental wellbeing. If you are struggling a bit with life away from home, use the student societies, seek out new hobbies and opportunities, or get involved with the Students’ Association – they would love to have you on board!

If you are having problems (or you know someone else who is), it always best to do something rather than nothing – just make a start.

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