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World Animal Day – Aberdeen Campus


Yoda & BB8

Chinchillas from the Animal Care Unit, Aberdeen Campus

BB8 – 1 year & 9 months old.
BB8’s Story: The Animal Care Unit purchased BB8’s mum, Anakin, from a local Chinchilla enthusiast who was very friendly and fond of being handled. Later they received a male chinchilla from the same breeder, Obi Wan, who bonded with Anakin, sparking a breeding pair and the conception of BB8. BB8 was premature born, but has grown to be a healthy, fun and favourite member of the Animal Care Unit.


Yoda – 1 year old
Yoda’s Story: Yoda was donated to the Animal Care Unit by a student who could no longer commit to giving him all the TLC he needed. On Yoda’s arrival, he immediately bonded with BB8 and the two have remained affectionate cage mates since.

The mischievous pair somewhat enjoy creating obstacle courses by running around the theatre practice, jumping on and off of shelving and hiding under tables. Yoda also has a cheeky habit of winking at everyone.

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