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Wonky Produce Competition Closing Soon

With less than 2 weeks to go until the closing date to enter the Wonky Produce competition, and with a prize fund of £800 up for grabs, we spoke with Kerry Allison to find out more about the competition and why you should enter.

What is the Wonky Produce competition?


Kerry Allison, Senior Food and Drink Consultant, SAC Consulting

The Wonky Produce Competition is a fantastic opportunity for Students to flex their entrepreneurial and innovative muscles.. The amount of food waste in the UK continues to grow, as does the need to significantly reduce the problem. Campaigns from prominent politicians to celebrity chefs to homeless charities have placed the problem firmly on political and social agendas. One idea that has been gathering momentum is the use of ‘wonky produce’ (produce that may look a little different and get thrown out of the food chain). In 2015, ASDA was the first supermarket in the UK to encourage the use of wonky veg in some of its Scottish stores. Other supermarkets including Morrison’s and Waitrose have since followed suit. There’s also been a growth in the number of small, rural businesses that now offer wonky veg boxes or other items made from wonky produce. The competition is looking for Students (independently or in teams) to come up with a novel and innovative idea for a fruit and/or vegetable that has failed to achieve a Class 1 grade. We are looking for Students to create some short and snappy video presentations, or a poster short report or other innovative presentation, to show their entrepreneurialism, marketing prowess and innovative mindsets. Develop a new marketing idea to help propel wonky produce into more peoples’ shopping baskets! This could be a new product, a well-designed marketing campaign, the development of a brand or something else entirely. You could consider the challenge from the famer or grower’s perspective, a supermarket chain or the end consumer. Be as creative, innovative and entrepreneurial as you like!

Why enter?

This is a great opportunity to think outside the box, get some real-life experience in the agri-food sector, and make contacts in industry that could help throughout your career. It’s a fab way to build teams with other innovative student entrepreneurs, and of course we have some pretty great prizes!

What are the prizes?

We have prize fund of £800 cash and the opportunity to gain real life industry experience from our sponsors, Kettle Produce. There are a few categories that will be awarded prizes, so you’ve got nothing to lose.

What are the judges looking for?

Our panel of Judges including; our Director of Commercialisation, a rep from Kettle Produce, Google Garage and an Entrepreneurial Spark Graduate amongst others will be looking for some key criteria.

A clear understanding and demonstration of market research and intelligence, an innovative and exciting marketing and market penetration plan, a great idea, thinking straight outside the box, and the overall quality of the presentation.

Words of wisdom to those entering?

Make sure you do your research well, test your theories and don’t be scared to adapt your idea if you need to. Contact your campus champions (you can find the details on moodle) for help and a steer in the right direction. Be confident, take risks and have fun!

When will the winners be announced?

The final deadline for applications is the 4th Feb and winners will be announced in March. (TBC) Wonky Veg

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