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Student Ambassador Q&A – Why Did You Choose Your Course?

We have been asking our Student Ambassadors a series of questions about their experiences studying at SRUC. In this video, we ask them why they chose their specific course:

“I chose to study Plantsmanship because there is no other course like it in the UK and it is taught jointly between SRUC and the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh which gives a really unique learning environment.”

“I chose to study Countryside Management because I wanted a career that had a positive effect on the environment.”

“I chose Animal Care because I have a great passion for animals and hope to have a career working with them one day.”

“I chose Horticulture with Plantsmanship because it promised a very thorough grounding in everything to do with plants both from the practical side and the science theory side.”

“I chose Wildlife and Conservation Management after of researching a few different courses with the college and what I realized was that was the one that I wanted to go for and I’m enrolled on the four-year honours degree and I’m also really happy that the degree side is actually awarded from the University of Glasgow so I will have a Bachelor of Science honours from the university of Glasgow when I graduate and I chose my specific course as I said I wanted to work in the outdoors and this course contains lots of practical elements and field trips so we look at ecosystems outdoors and we go to nature reserves.”

“I chose garden design agency because it encompasses many of my interests such as gardening art sustainable development and so many more I also believe that it will equip me with all I need to become a good garden designer in the future.”

“The course I chose was bioscience followed by animal science and I chose this course because I was in love with animals and knew I wanted to work with animals but I didn’t want to become a veterinary nurse and I felt like this was a well-rounded course that covered all the topics from both agricultural livestock all the way through to domestic pets and exotic animals.

To find out more about the courses mentioned in the video, check out our website. If you’d like to learn more about our courses and studying at SRUC, why not register to attend one of our Virtual Recruitment Events?

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