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Student Ambassador Q&A Session – What is your favourite Course Module?

We have been asking our Student Ambassadors a series of questions about their experiences studying at SRUC, and in this video they tell us about their favourite course module:

“I really like the units working with reptiles because they really interest me and I love working with them.”

“My favourite module so far has been ecology and ecosystems this is about learning how all the different living organisms in a habitat work together and how their lives are intertwined and from very small creatures and insects right the way up to massive plants trees and predator animals and another module that I really enjoyed was biodiversity conservation. It kind of gives you an opportunity to feel like the new David Attenborough and learn how we can serve and protect the natural world.”

“(My favourite module has been) Classification and identification of living organisms because the assessment was a really creative one.”

“This is a really hard question because Plantsmanship covers a wide range of topics from the more scientific ones like soil and plant nutrition, to creative ones such as designing plant collections, but at the moment I think I’m really enjoying plant classification and systematics which goes over all the fantastic plant kingdom and its wonderful diversity which is complemented with plant identification tests and drawing botanical diagrams as well.”

“My favourite module at SRUC for my undergraduate course had to be Animal Welfare and Behaviour this actually sparked an interest that lasted for a lot longer as I continued on to do a master’s in international animal Welfare Ethics and Law. I love learning about the behaviour and hidden behaviours of animals as well as getting an opportunity to work with some more exotic animals through the highland wildlife park and Edinburgh zoo one of my favourite modules in my course has got to be anatomy and physiology i feel as though this is definitely the course i find most interesting as anatomy is so mind-blowing it’s really amazing how the body works.”

“My favourite module is plant recognition and use and this is because I think that being able to identify and correctly name the plant in botanical latin is a bit of a superpower. I’m so excited at the fact that I can already do it (obviously with a very small amount of plants) but it feels amazing, it feels like you definitely get to know the plants in a way that you didn’t before and it’s just so much fun pulling flowers apart and saying what the parts are and identifying the plants on that basis.”

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