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Universities Federation for Animal Welfare

Student Ambassador Jillian Gordon writes about the UFAW, who offer scholarships to students studying welfare focused projects.

The Universities Federation for Animal Welfare (UFAW) is an internationally recognised independent charity that focuses on education and scientific area of animal welfare. Covering wild, domestic and agricultural animals UFAW’s areas of interest is unlimited. UFAW is linked with, and offers student scholarships, to many universities around the world, including SRUC.

While completing my honours degree in Applied Animal Science I learned about UFAW through posters that were displayed throughout the Edinburgh campus. Though it was only when I was completing my Master’s in International Animal Welfare Ethics and Law that I thought to apply for a scholarship.

The student scholarship is open to all students who are conducting a project related to animal welfare. This can be as part of their dissertation or as an independent project such as a summer project, for me this was my dissertation project in the dental health of dairy cattle. This scholarship gives you funding, helping you to complete your project and can be used as a student stipend. The application process was simple and clear with the UFAW team happy to give guidance where needed. UFAW

The scholarship programme gives the opportunity to see what it is like to be an animal welfare researcher; I personally found this opportunity incredible. Once you have completed your project you get the opportunity to present your work at the UFAW Student Scholar conference. For many people attending this is the first time you get to experience what it is like to take part in a conference of this style and due to this it is a friendly and comfortable environment that UFAW create. At this conference it also gives you the opportunity to meet the other student scholars who have been part of this scholarship programme from all the various universities and countries that are involved

If anyone is considering conducting an animal welfare focused project, then I highly recommend you google UFAW and learn more about the many scholarship and funding options that they offer!

You can join the UFAW charity as a student member for just £10 for the year, this will allow you to keep up to date with all their work and events. (You do not need to be a member to apply for the scholarship though).

Find out more about the UFAW and their work via





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