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Understanding the Highway Code

The road is a cruel mistress. That’s especially true if you’re a cyclist who doesn’t know how to stay safe when you strap on your helmet.

The basics of not getting hit by a car are pretty simple. Don’t swerve in front of a moving vehicle and always give yourself space. Pretty logical stuff.

But what about the more subtle nuisances of road usage?

In order to reduce the number of people finding themselves at risk, have created a fun quiz to test your general knowledge.

Released during road safety awareness week, there have been some startling revelations. The quiz has revealed:

  • Only 10% of people who took the quiz knew when cyclists were allowed to ride two abreast
  • Just 55% of answerers knew it was a requirement to wear a helmet during travel
  • 60% of people knew the correct lights to use on your bike

Think you have a good knowledge of the highway code? Find out for yourself. Is it time to go back to cycling school?

You can take the quiz here:

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