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UCAS personal statements

When filling out your UCAS application, there’s one part of the process that can make or break your application – the personal statement.


The personal statement is a very important part of your UCAS application. In just 4000 characters, you have the opportunity to sell yourself!

It provides information on your interests, skills and ambitions which helps admissions tutors make their decisions.

Here are some top tips:

·         Be honest

·         Be positive

·         Be yourself

·         Keep it clear and simple

·         Why do you want to do the course?

·         What are your ambitions and interests?

·         What research in to the course have you done?

·         Use examples of transferrable skills/ qualities/ experiences relevant to the course

·         Include extra curricular activities as well as those at school / college

·         Ask someone else (parent/teacher) to read your statement before submitting your application.

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