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Top Ten Tips for Studying from Home

My top ten tips for studying from home by Jillian Gordon

We are all going through this strange time together and for most of us that means working and studying from home. Before I started my postgrad work at SRUC I did a digital master’s where I was studying from home part time for 3 years. Through this time, I learned some helpful tips that really worked for me, I hope these can help you as well.

  1. Keep your working hours as normal as possible, if you are used to being in the office 9-5 then try and work 9-5 if you are used to a 9-12 day try and stick to that. This will help you keep structure to your day and allow you to turn off for the day. However, do not stress if you can’t stick to this all the time, life is messy, and dose not stick to a timetable.



2.  Create your own workspace, I find this very helpful! It is so tempting to sit and work from the sofa with the TV or radio on in the background, and perhaps that works for some! Personally, I am more productive when I have an organised workspace with no distractions. For me this is the small desk in our box room facing the plain white wall… everyone is different but make yourself a productive space where you can sit down to work and then walk away from at the end of the day to continue with your life!


3. Fresh air, I find this very important to be productive! Nobody likes sitting in a stuffy workspace, get the windows open and let the natural air and light in. This really helps me feel awake and fresh.



4. Take your normal breaks! don’t just sit at your workspace all day and never give yourself a rest. Your brain will thank you for your coffee breaks and lunch time rests! Keeping to your normal workday schedule will also help you split up your workday so you don’t feel so overwhelmed.




5. Plan out your week, this is one of my top tips! I love it! You can use anything from a diary to a scrap piece of paper but take time each week to set out tasks for yourself for each day. This gives you structure to your week, and I also find it keeps you accountable and organised! Knowing what needs done helps me to stay focused as well!




6. Focus on one task at a time, we all have a lot going on and it is so easy to become overwhelmed by it all. I find a good way to prevent this is to focus on one task at a time. Don’t have too many tabs open at once, pick something, complete it and tick it off the list!




7. Keep active! You will be sick of hearing about all the wonderful people who are running 5k and 10k’s I know I am! But it’s good to stay active, we are all different and maybe running 5-10k a day is normal for you if so crack on! For me I am more of a stroll round the field. No matter what it is set yourself the time to get moving be that inside if needed our in your daily exercise time. Just keep moving!



8. Stay social, it’s so easy to cut yourself off in these times and feel completely alone! But you’re not,  we are all in this together. Though we may be socially distancing please take time to be social in any way you can. Call your family and friends, text your colleagues, DM your classmates. Whatever way you can please keep in touch. We miss you and we want to hear from you!


9. Take time away from technology, we are living in a world full of tech more so now than ever. I can find this personally exhausting! I think it’s really important to take some time, even just 5 mins every day to sit and do nothing! No Phone, no social media, no emails not even music, just you! Relax, breathe and prepare yourself for the day or decompress from it! I use this time to think about the things I am grateful for that have happened, sometimes its huge things like passing an assignment I was sure I was going to fail, other days I have to focus on the small things like not spilling my morning coffee all over myself for the 3rd day in a row. Try to find sometime for yourself.

10. Be kind to yourself. You are living through some of the weirdest times, a Pandemic for goodness sake. So what, if you had a day where you really could not get focused, that’s okay! You are incredible, anything you achieve during this is incredible even if it’s just washing your hair that day, be proud of yourself.


I hope these tips help you during this crazy time, I am looking forward to when life goes back to ‘normal’ but for now be safe and most importantly be kind to yourself.


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