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Toby Ross – Rural Management

Toby Ross, 34, changed his path from working in marketing and broadcasting to study HND Rural Business Management with us at SRUC Edinburgh.

Toby Ross, SRUC Edinburgh Rural Business Management student

Toby Ross, SRUC Edinburgh Rural Business Management student

Speaking of his career before his time at SRUC, Toby said:

“I had no idea what I wanted to do after university and ended up working in financial companies for a few years, frequently moving around from one to another. I somehow ended up briefly transitioning into the television and broadcasting industry (fun but tiring), before deciding to take things in a totally different direction.”

What was it about his previous career that led Toby to change his path?

“The tedium and bureaucracy of corporate life drove me mad, and the idea of doing it forevermore filled me with dread. Making big changes can be daunting, especially when financial sacrifices are involved, but ultimately life’s far too short to spend doing things which make you fed-up. I’ve always loved the outdoors (having grown up rurally) and came to the conclusion that I want to work in that kind of environment.”

With so many colleges offering similar courses, Toby settled on studying with us for a variety of reasons:

“Firstly, the curriculum struck me as more interesting than that on offer elsewhere. I also wanted to boost my skills (and CV) with practical training courses, and SRUC offers these in abundance. The college’s industry links and excellent nationwide reputation sealed the deal.”

Toby was initially hesitant about returning to education:

“Having been out of education for a while I did wonder how easily I’d get back into the groove, but it’s been no problem. The course has proven interesting and I’ve enjoyed the way it’s delivered by teaching staff.”

“I haven’t got involved in too much [other SRUC activities] due to other commitments, but I know there are loads of opportunities to investigate if I fancy. I’ve been really impressed by the range of events and activities provided by both SRUCSA and the  college in general.”

Toby’s final thoughts for others considering changing their path as a life-changing experience included the words “rejuvenating”, “invigorating” and “transforming”, and added:

“It’s reignited my enthusiasm about my future career direction. There are always dozens of reasons not to do something, but I’d heartily urge anyone who wants to make a change should go for it if they get the chance.”




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