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Think Green Whilst You Spring Clean

If January resolutions weren’t a big enough shake up, here comes national Spring Cleaning day!

Everyone has that one pile. The pile that builds up on the spare dining room chair, the unused cross trainer or just simply a long lived congregation of items on the floor. A Spring clean can not only bring a tidy home, but also a tidy mind. Relieving your space of dust, dirt and clutter can leave you feeling easier to relax and unwind. Having a major de-clutter and clean can help you keep on top of housework and organisation for the rest of the year. Getting rid of excess things will make storage easier, this will in turn make it easier to clean as you will not need to meander around displaced items. By making your housework routine more efficient, will allow you to spend more time doing things you really love and be happy!



When it comes to your Spring clean, think about how you can make as efficient use of your disposed of items as possible – whether that is by recycling, upcycling or finding it a new home.



Top Tips For A Green Clean

  1. When binning items, look to see if they can be recycled. Have different bin bags ready for different materials e.g. paper, cans.
  2. Many organisations run textile banks, where you can deposit unwanted clothes. You can find your nearest textile bank through organisations such as the Salvation Army and the Fire Fighters’ Charity.
  3. You can take larger items, such as white goods to your local household waste recycling centre. There, they can take the item from you for appropriate recycling.



Options For Upcycling and Rehoming

  1. Charity shops and vintage stores are a great place to give your unwanted items a new lease of life. Make sure your items are washed and in a reasonable condition before dropping off.
  2. Websites such as Depop, Gumtree and Ebay offer a great platform for selling items which may have some significant value. Generating money from your unwanted items is a great way to save up for things you do really need or want.
  3. Upcycling can be done with just about anything. You can upcycle on a basic or extremely creative level. Upcycling can range from furniture revitalisation to completely new purposes for items. Google searching “upcycling ideas” gives no end to the opportunities which may be available for you.




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