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Therapets against stress

What’s the one thing that is (usually) guaranteed to regress people to a childlike state?

Students at SRUC Elmwood Campus pet a dog

A recent Therapets session at SRUC Elmwood Campus

Fluffy, docile doggies, that’s what!

No matter how stressful or how demanding things feel, we can always take comfort in knowing that having the chance to pet a dog that laps up the attention is a stress-busting experience.

Big, gruff, macho grown men are reduced to soppy, baby-talking heaps, and everyone comes away with a grin from ear to ear, forgetting entirely their troubles after spending 10 minutes scratching a dog’s belly.

Thanks to our friends at Canine Concern Scotland, staff and students alike have the opportunity to indulge in this at Ayr Campus on May 2nd. As the threat of exams looms ever closer on the horizon, everyone can come along and forget their woes and spend time in the relaxing company of a little doggy that just wants cuddles.

Therapets is great initiative by Canine Concern Scotland who regularly take dogs to visit various locations, including colleges, universities and care homes. It’s a great way of helping people with a range of conditions from stress and depression to various disabilities.

This is your chance to get involved! Visit the Education Office to book your place.

Therapets Against Stress poster


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