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Studies Keep on Flowing

Alexander standing on a bridge

Alexander Paterson is studying for a Masters degree in Sustainable Water Environments – covering everything from marine to river environments, including mapping and conservation – after graduating with a first-class honours degree from SRUC.

The 22-year-old, who studied Environmental Resource Management at SRUC’s Craibstone campus in Aberdeen, decided to continue his studies at the University of Glasgow to enhance his career options – and continue a life of academia potentially culminating in a PhD.

Alexander, who is originally from Kirriemuir but is now living in Glasgow, said his course at SRUC had provided him with a breadth of knowledge on all things environmental to help him engage with the topics covered in his MSc.

“I shall always look back on my time at SRUC with warmth in my heart,” he said.

“What inspired me most was the friendships I built there. Our class was full of like-minded people who very quickly bonded. It made the hard times less bad and the good times even better.

“The lecturers were all brilliant too – intelligent, experienced and open people, who made you feel comfortable about asking questions and could always offer a unique insight into things.”

In the future, Alexander hopes to work in either river restoration or coastal habitat creation and realignment for climate change adaptation.

“I want what I am doing to truly help people,” he said. “Whether this is through a job in the environmental sector or not, I just know that I want to lead a calm and clear life.”

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