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Student Profile – Sophie Manson

Introducing SRUC Oatridge Student Ambassador Sophie Manson.

Hello! I am Sophie, a 20-year-old student from Shetland. I have lived back home on Shetland for most of my life and


Animal Care student Sophie Manson

have always loved the community spirit there. I have a big passion for helping animals and I also love doing archery, competitively and non-competitively. Aside from these, I also have an interest in photography, yoga, volunteering for smaller communities and working in local bars. Some of my dislikes include horror movies (I will genuinely have nightmares for weeks), loud eaters and olives.

My plan for the future is primarily to become a Veterinary Nurse which I have wanted to be for as long as I can remember! I have had a massive interest in wildlife from a very young age where I would watch National Geographic DVDs on repeat and read loads of animal encyclopaedias or wildlife magazines daily. A few of my role models are Sir David Attenborough, Steve Irwin and Noel Fitzpatrick. These incredible people are certainly a part of why I have such a passion for animals and wildlife.

I chose to study Animal Care at SRUC this year as I believe it will give me a better understanding of animals before hopefully going on to study Veterinary Nursing. SRUC gives me the opportunity to work hands on with the animals which I think is really important because then you get a feel for what handling several species of animal is like. I strongly believe that getting hands on experience is the key to figure out if you are suited for those kinds of jobs.

This year practicals have obviously been very limited due to the current pandemic which is a shame because the handling and looking after of different species has been a key aspect of the course in previous years. Most of our lecturers have gone above and beyond for us though which I find very encouraging as online learning has been a challenge for us all. To start with it has been difficult to grasp but over time I have personally found that online learning is not as bad as first anticipated. It is a right shame that we cannot be on campus more and meet our classmates or lecturers on a more regular basis but hopefully that can change before too long. Our first practical week went really well and I, along with many others on my course, thoroughly enjoyed it!


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