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Student Profile – Katie Goodfellow

Katie Goodfellow from Hawick in the Scottish Borders grew up on a farm and spent her childhood outside around animals. This made her certain that she wanted a career in the outdoor environment, and reading more about climate change, she became passionate about seeing a positive change in people’s behaviour. Katie G

“I have always considered myself a hands on practical type of learner. This course offered the practical aspect as well as lecture based learning, which gave me an opportunity to develop hands-on experience and practical techniques while studying. This integrated approach to education gives me a competitive advantage when starting my career. It also offers me working knowledge of the industry and a flavour of different career pathways.”

“I grew up as rurally as it gets, on a farm forty five minutes away from the nearest town. SRUC, being a rural college, I was drawn into the prospect of meeting more like minded people.  At SRUC, I’ve particularly enjoyed the fieldtrips I’ve been on as a part of many different modules. For visual learners the opportunity to get into the field provides an application of classroom based learning. It also gives you a chance to meet new people and make connections your chosen industry. Life on campus holds many opportunities for the potential student. With access to the University of Edinburgh buildings you’re free to roam the cafes on campus.”

“The Arcade has just been modernised and looks fantastic – my favourite new feature being the living wall. There are also the library and computer room on campus which are exactly the quiet you need when the workload begins to mount. My advice is to start assignments as soon as possible and don’t be afraid to ask for help. The staff are all willing to give you assistance and guide you in the right direction.  Try and enjoy the process! Take time to remember what life is really about. ”

“I am passionate about the economics surrounding food security and consumer behaviour. Ideally, I would love to begin my career in businesses such as Zero Waste Scotland. I am also considering continuing on at SRUC to complete an MSc in Food Security.”






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