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Student profile – Johanne Straube

Applied Animal Science student Johanne Straube used her time at SRUC to gain invaluable research skills in order to complete her 4th year Honours degree project. Johanne has been heavily involved in student life at SRUC; volunteering at the SRUC stand at the Royal Highland Show, co-founding the Animal Science student society and even sitting on the SRUC academic board. Here, Johanne explains more about her 4th year Honours project.

“My time at SRUC has been fun and engaging, with ample opportunity to grow and engage in academic and student-led activities. For my honours project I was given the opportunity to use Qualitative Behavioural Assessment to investigate how lameness and pain alleviation affected the emotional state of breeding sows. Through working with my advisor within the SRUC animal behavior & welfare team, I learned a great deal of research skills which I believe will be essential to my future career. In my third year, my colleague and I started a student society hosting scientists talking about their research, and in my fourth year I was given the opportunity to sit on the SRUC academic board. SRUC have been very accommodating and understanding through this whole journey, making it possible for me to continue my education while also raising a family.”

j Straube

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