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Student Profile – Elise Wyld

Elise always had a love for animals and an interest in biology and chemistry. This led her to discover the Applied Animal Science course which combines both practical and theoretical knowledge to help increase animal health, welfare and understanding.Elise W

“I chose SRUC because of the emphasis on practical applications of concepts which corresponds with my style of learning. I was also attracted to the smaller class sizes which is an important difference to some of the bigger universities as it allows for better communication with lecturers, more opportunities for hands-on learning, and an interesting and dynamic learning environment.”

“I loved all the field trips that we have taken as part of our modules to the zoo or to research farms. These study trips have also been fun and enjoyable, creating and strengthening friendships. SRUC has many opportunities to expand your network outside of the classroom and our course, encouraging students to take part in events such as the Royal Highland Show, where we can get to know other students, as well as building connections with lecturers and consultants.”

“Applied Animal Science gives you a very broad learning and a wide choice of career paths to choose from, based on very recent or ongoing research. This equips you to be confident in your abilities and knowledge as well as giving you all the tools to be successful, wherever you decide to go afterwards.

I am hoping to work in genetic or breeding science alongside welfare, two areas which have been most interesting to me over the past three years.”

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