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Student Profile – Caroline Vincent

Originally an ERASMUS student at SRUC, Caroline Vincent from Paris continued her studies at SRUC Edinburgh on the Environmental Resource Management degrees course. Here, Caroline explains why she chose SRUC and what her Honours project was about.

What made you decide to study your course?

After doing my Erasmus at SRUC I wanted to continue learning abroad. I chose to continue at SRUC because the Environmental Resource Management course corresponds to my study interests, which include global climates, ecology and pollution and waste management. The staff at SRUC are always happy to help, either with teaching or with administrative things. Studying at SRUC I was able to broaden my knowledge in different environmental topics via lectures and field trips, and practice other skills such as writing reports, giving presentations, and creating infographics, that will be useful for my career.

Describe what your honours project was about?

For my honours project I studied waste management behaviours of students. I looked at the recycling, reuse and reduction behaviours: what is recycled, how often, what are the influencing factors. The study also focused on identifying differences in these behaviours between France and the UK, and by looking at how EU laws are implemented in different ways in each countries.

What are your career plans for after SRUC?

After SRUC, I plan do to a masters in sustainability and resource management. After that, I hope to work with companies or local authorities to help them reduce and better manage waste.

What way was studying at SRUC helpful towards your honours project?

Studying at SRUC helped me with my honours project in many ways. First, a module on waste reduction and recycling helped me direct my research towards EU legislation. Secondly, SRUC staff helped me with the distribution of my survey questionnaire. Finally, my honours project supervisor really helped me throughout the project.

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