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Student Profile – Caroline Smith

Applied Animal Science student Caroline Smith focused her Honours degree project on the views of cat owners in relation to cat health. With the invaluable help of SRUC, and utilising the opinions of members in cat related Facebook groups, Caroline was able to obtain the views of over 1600 cat owners to help complete her project.

“My honours project dissertation focused on UK cat owners and their attitudes/views towards healthcare measures, pain and pain-related behaviours in cats in relation to various diseases, genetic conditions and procedures. I created an online questionnaire and posted it to various Facebook groups that had a cat theme. After 2 weeks my questionnaire had gained over 1600 participants!

My dissertation advisers at SRUC were invaluable to the creation of my questionnaire. They helped me perfect the question format and wording. They also supported me immensely in dealing with such a large data set and gave me constrictive feedback throughout the process. The path towards my future career goal is still a long one as time is needed to gain practical experience and a drivers licence. However this time next year I’m hoping to have either found a job with an organisation such as the SSPCA or possibly laboratory based work. If not I will look to apply for a Masters.”

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