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Student Ambassador Q&A Session – Advice to Prospective Students

We have been asking our Student Ambassadors a series of questions about their experiences studying at SRUC. In this video we ask them what their advice would be to future and prospective SRUC students:

“To make the most of absolutely everything that’s on offer to you because there are so many people to learn from at SRUC and Edinburgh Botanics. You need to ask loads of question, use all the resources that are available to you  and explore your personal interests as well and just enjoy it.”

“Don’t hold back from asking questions or asking for help if you need it.”

“I would say to anyone looking at joining SRUC, don’t wait to ask questions. Phone the college, ask questions, buy a prospectus. Look at what you want to do and follow your career path. It’s 100 per cent worth it.”

“Love and be yourself. Coming into coming over to a new country first of all and then being the new kid being international not knowing most of all anyone saying most of the time it was really scary and I was afraid to speak up or interact with anybody but you know I eventually warmed up and I found that being myself was probably the best thing I could’ve done. It was absolutely amazing and yeah just have fun just be yourself and have fun. Enjoy every moment of it cos that’s what I’ve done. I’ve enjoyed every moment of it so far. Its been great.”

“Ok so I have a few pieces of advice. The first one would be to get to know yourself. Everybody learns differently. We all get excited by various different things, we all cook differently so take some time at the beginning to figure out what works for you. what makes you excited? What coping mechanisms do you need in place and how do you learn? Put all of those procedures and structures in into place at the beginning and you will save yourself time and stress later. You will be well more prepared for what will come, and you will be able enjoy yourself much more than if you just went straight into it.”

“Advice for prospective students – ask questions, loads of questions. No question is silly and most likely someone else has the same one.”

“My advice to prospective students it would be right now not to worry, not to panic. To keep working and as long as you work hard and as long as you are willing to put in the effort you will achieve what you want.”

“Advice to future students, my main one would be to enjoy your learning. I’ve chosen personally to leave a previous job that I didn’t enjoy and learn about something in depth and have a degree in something that I really enjoy and that I love and am passionate about and enjoying the opportunity to learn about something that you love is a fantastic opportunity in itself. So, my advice to any future students coming to SRUC is to enjoy your learning.”

“Try to get involved as much as possible. Socialise, do some extra stuff like reading books on topic or subscribe to magazines, join associations.  There is loads of interesting info from the industry you can find but also take it easy. You are not here to know everything already. You are here to learn. Ensure you have enough time for your hobbies, keep yourself fed and this way the learning will just be fun.”

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