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Student Ambassador Q&A Sessions – SRUC Highlight

We have been asking our Student Ambassadors a series of questions about their experiences studying at SRUC. In this video, they are asked what has been their highlight of studying at SRUC so far.

My highlight of SRUC so far, it feels a long time ago but the Royal Highland show. I love helping out at the tent and getting to meet everybody. Its always so much fun and it really is a big family spirit when you’re working there.

Although we can’t be at college, I’ve made some new friends through the classes that we are doing online.

There’s been a number of highlights so far on the course, even during the covid pandemic. We have had practicals on campus at the Barony site where we’ve been surveying the freshwater ecosystems and the big natural pond that’s on the campus. We’ve also had the opportunity to do a proper walk around. The river is nearby just at the edge of the campus and we’ve had the chance to really explore as a group and find what organisms we could find. That’s been a big highlight. For myself personally there’s also been a few different opportunities which I’ve grabbed hold of, and I would encourage any perspective student to do that. So, I’m making this video now because I am a student ambassador for SRUC. I’m really passionate about the college and I was luckily enough I was lucky enough to get this opportunity and on top of that I’m also an academic board member. So, there’s 3 different student positions on the board and I was elected to one of them this year and that means that I have influence and say and actually a vote over academic decision in the future which affect the college and the student body. So, there’s lots of opportunities for students at SRUC.

In pre covid times in was the field trips to various gardens and nurseries. My favourite was visiting the James Hutton institute last year.

One of my highlights at being at SRUC was definitely the friends that I’ve made. They are friends for life and I have made memories with them that I will never forget. I absolutely adore that. It would also be the highlight of the amount of knowledge I’ve gained and my confidence that I’ve built during my time at SRUC. I feel as though I’m going to make an absolutely amazing vet nurse one day thanks to SRUC.

Meeting lots of great lecturers that have helped me to have a positive experience

I feel like its quite hard to pick one highlight of the course so far. Everything has been really enjoyable and there’s been lots of tiny joys along the way from starting a course that I’ve anticipated for so long through learning fun facts about plants that I keep sharing with my friends and family whether they want to or not, through to designing my own plot and the vegetables and fruits and plants that will grow on it. The course as a whole has been pretty amazing.

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