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Student Ambassador Q&A Sessions – Career Aspirations

We have been asking our Student Ambassadors a series of questions about their experiences studying at SRUC. In this video we asked them what their future and career aspirations are after completing their SRUC course:

“So hopefully when I finish the course, I’m aiming to get a job somewhere in a botanic garden and focus the rest of my career in botanical horticulture.”

“So, I would like to get some work experience. During my studies I’m looking to get a placement somewhere or internship, but its still in progress. After my graduation I would like to get a job in a landscaping or garden design firm and after a few years when I feel competent enough, I would like to start my own business.”

“My career aspirations are to continue with my PHD and then hopefully I would like to move into lecturing working with the students and continue my work with SRUC ideally.”

“I would like a job working with invasive species so that I can work with both animals and plants.”

“After SRUC I hope to be a fully qualified veterinary nurse working at a veterinary practice and I do wish to become head nurse of a veterinary practice one day and I also want to become a lecturer at a college or university myself one day to teach other young minds about the wonderful world of veterinary care.”

“With regards to a future career I’m aiming to work for a large government body so a local authority or the Scottish government or forestry land Scotland, ideally in project work, working within woodland protection and conservation or potentially working as a countryside ranger with the variety of tasks and day to day jobs that that would involve. I want to be outdoors and I want to be busy and active in either the kind of local nature reserves or a bit further afield from time to time as well and one other option I’m going to explore is  working within education. I’ve just been so impressed by SRUC and all the staff that I’ve had any contact with, whether its by email, calls or face to face contact. It’s sparked a passion for the college and I would relish the opportunity to follow my degree to actually work for Scotland’s Rural College as part of the research area functions or to move into an educational role myself.”

“My goal, my careers aspirations – I intend to go on and study the degree for vet nursing. That’s all I want really. I really want to strive and eh, yeah that’s what I want to do. I want to help save animal lives and take care of animals. That’s always been what’s drawn me to animal care and that’s what will drive me forward.”

“What are my careers aspirations? I haven’t fully decided what I would like to do and that’s ok because I am enjoying college and deciding what I want to do will come throughout the course.”

“My career aspirations are quite vague at the moment. I just know I want to do something with plants. I want to be outside. I want to be surrounded by living green things and what that means for me and specifically is something I’m figuring out just now and its partly why I’ve taken this course. I’m trying everything and seeing what excites me the most so that I can pick the right career for me.”

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