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SRUC’s Olympic Curlers

The British Olympic Association’s announcement of the Team GB Men’s Curling Team for the Winter Olympics includes three SRUC alumni and one current student.

The British men’s team led by SRUC alumnus Kyle Smith, will be making their Olympic debut in Pyeong Chang in South Korea in February next year. Skip Kyle Smith will be joined by brothers Thomas and Glen Muirhead who, as well as Smith, graduated from the SRUC Edinburgh campus with a BSc in Agriculture. They will be joined by current BSc Agriculture student Cameron Smith and Kyle Waddell.

The Olympic team will build up to the Winter Olympics by training at the new National Curling Academy in Stirling as well as attending competitions across Europe, North America and Asia. Congratulations to all of them – we will be supporting you all the way!

Find out more about the Sport of Curling here. Curling has long had a history of association with rural Scotland. The written history of Curling can be traced back to 1541 where there is a record of a monk from Paisley Abbey throwing stones across the ice. By the first half of the 1800s formal curling clubs and societies had formed across Scotland. The Grand Caledonian Curling Club was instituted in 1838 for the purpose “of regulating the ancient Scottish game of Curling by general laws” and the game is now firmly a global occupation. Curling was included in the Winter Olympics when they began in 1924 (Team GB won gold in that event, naturally), and has been included every year since its reinstatement in 1998.

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