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SRUC Oatridge’s Pathway users win pallet garden prize

Pathways service users from Linlithgow won a silver gilt for their pallet Garden at Gardening Scotland. The pallet garden was on display all Saturday and Saturday at the event at the Royal Highland Centre. The group of 14 have been attending Scotland’s Rural College Oatridge Campus for years, under the expert tuition of Lecturer Ray Collinson. She has covered fundamental of gardening and horticulture, with the group enthusiastically learning about plants and flowers.
Their pallet garden displays the colours of the four seasons and it’s a project they have been working on for months.
This is only one of the many horticulture project Pathway users have worked on- they have also built a path

at the college, dug up bark, and are currently growing their own vegetables. This will be turned into a big pot of ratatouille for everyone to enjoy!
Caitlin – one of the service users- has been keeping a diary of what she and the group has been up to. “I really enjoy planting fruit” she says- commenting on a day when she’d been planting kiwi, pomegranate, lemon and tangerine seeds.
Lecturer Ray Collinson commented “Their enthusiasm is contagious, they are happy to do everything, and they were absolutely delighted to win a silver prize which recognises their efforts and commitment” . They are all participating in the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Societies Grow and Learn course. Last year the team all passed stage one ‘Roots’ level and received their certificates at last years prize giving with the other Oatridge students. They are now going for the second more complex ‘Nurture ‘ level which they hope to achieve in 2019. There’s four new students this year on the ‘Root’ level, one being the support staff that accompanies them.
The group have also helped out with Kokadama demonstrations for the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society- this is a Japanese technique whereby plants are kept together by a string.
This year’s edition of Gardening Scotland featured over 400 exhibitors and it attracted over 30,000 visitors.

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