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SRUC – A Horticulturist’s Dream?

It’s official. SRUC is the place to study horticulture.

Maybe we’re biased in that, but we do have the word of some very excellent students who agree with that point!

Let’s start with our First Year Horticulture student Annie Cavanagh, who is living her dream learning to be a horticulturist at our Edinburgh Campus. Annie is cultivating the plants at her plot at the rear of the Edinburgh Campus building, and she kindly took some time to talk to us about it:

Just watching Annie’s enthusiasm for her studies just makes us want to start digging in the dirt to make some beautiful flower beds!

Now, Annie is Scottish, so she hasn’t had to come too far to get here. What about someone from further afield, say, the other side of the globe?!

Well, our Fourth Year student Heath Urquhart came all the way from New Zealand just to study with us at our Edinburgh campus. Not only that, but Heath has the monumental task of leading the Garden Design team into Gardening Scotland this year after last year’s first-prize winning show garden “The Hive Jive Show Garden”. (In case you missed it, it scooped the “Premier Gold Award” – we can’t think of a more first prize-y sounding name for it, can you?).

Here’s Heath talking about the inspiration behind this year’s “Hortus Homicida” garden:

But it’s not just our students who love it with SRUC. Our staff are pretty enamoured with their jobs too. We recently spoke to Dave McIntyre, who is based at our Elmwood Campus in Fife. Dave, along with his colleague Barry, host a Saturday morning clinic for allotment enthusiasts every Saturday in Spring/early Summer. Dave took some time to talk about the Saturday Morning Allotment Club and his passion for gardening and horticulture:

The thing is, whichever campus you end up studying Horticulture at, you’ll quickly find that you’re surrounded by really enthusiastic staff who utterly adore their jobs, among like-minded students who are equally as passionate about this, and absolutely surrounded by some of the most stunning countryside Scotland has to offer.

Whether it’s the nearby Blackford Hill at SRUC Edinburgh, the rolling hills in the Bow of Fife at Elmwood, the tucked away neuk of Oatridge, the banks of the River Ayr, or the open unspoilt countryside around Dumfries, you’ll probably think you’ve gone to the Garden of Eden too…

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