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SRUC Elmwood Countryside Management Student Diary: Day 4

Friday November 6th
On Fridays I would usually be sitting in front of my computer reading through all the information I need to and figuring out how best to tackle any outstanding assignments that I might have. As part of Principles of Biodiversity, we have an assignment to look at three different sites and considering I woke up to a day like below, I couldn’t stay inside so I went for a bit of a hike.

I’m very lucky that this view is only a twenty minute walk from my house. Leven beach makes up part of the Fife Coastal Path and I’ve done this walk many, many times in the last several months. I was heading towards Dumbarnie Links Nature Reserve, the site I have chosen as my local nature reserve to examine.
Wandering along the beach, I managed to catch a glimpse of some seals hanging out on the rocks as well as a heron, which I was quite pleased to get some snaps of.

It took me about an hour and 45 minutes to reach the start of the wildlife reserve but I enjoyed every minute of the walk. The sun was shining, I was more aware of the wildlife around me than any other time I’ve made this trip so I was spotting things I’d never noticed before and was finding it really cool to put some of the things I’ve learned in my classes to use in the real world already.

The reserve is a little bare looking at the moment with the end of summer well behind us, all the wildflowers are long gone but there was still plenty of mushrooms dotted around and some other interesting features. I waded in a pond that was in the middle of the reserve, explored the pill boxes – historical reminders of the war, seen in the far distance below.

I kept my eyes open for anything that I could use in my assessment. I found several burrows, a few surviving flowers, and even saw a rabbit before someone came through with their dogs and it ran back into its burrow. I spent about an hour just sitting watching the waves at the coast. I find there’s nothing better than getting outside to recharge the batteries.

With a final wander around the reserve, pictures taken of anything I found interesting and one last lingering look at the beach, the waves, and the descending sun, I headed off on the long walk home again.

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