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SRUC Elmwood Countryside Management Student diary : Day 3

Thursday November 5th

Thursdays always start with ICT class. For the last few weeks we’ve been going over a leaflet project that is for ICT and also for another of our units this block. I usually have the class up on one screen and look at any relevant Moodle information on the other. For ICT, I don’t always need to see the lecturer’s screen so will look at whatever information she’s talking about across both screens. I personally find it easier to follow what is being talked about if I look at it as it’s being talked through.

After ICT, I headed round to a local community garden that is run by a group called CLEAR. They’re a local charity that harvest fruit and sell it to the local community. The garden has some fantastic features such as allotments, an amphitheatre, fruit trees, murals painted on the fence, a polytunnel, a community ‘shed’ for indoor events, and an area at the back that is for children to explore and enjoy complete with bug hotel and pond. I didn’t manage to get many pictures as I was unable to stay long this week to volunteer but I did snap a picture of my budding onion and garlic plants starting to grow!

I had some errands to run in my afternoon and then a personal training session in the evening. It’s always hard to get back into the mind space for college after I’m physically exhausted but no rest for the wicked! I created a picture sheet to help me revise the next set of Plant Identification scientific names and tried to fill in as many of the answers as possible. The best way for me, I’ve found, is to learn the common names first, then try to remember the easier scientific names, then the harder ones, and then worry about spelling them correctly at the end. After getting 100% on my first 17 plants in the exam from Monday, I’m hoping that I can do the same again for this next set. No pressure on myself!

Usually by the end of Thursday I’m pretty much set for a weekend of revising and/or finishing off assessments. We have one assessment that asks us to describe the designations that support biodiversity conservation at three different sites and I’m very lucky that I’ll be able to visit all three of the sites (two given to us, one we have to choose ourselves) over the weekend. So it’s an earlyish night for me.

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