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SRUC Elmwood Countryside Management Student diary : Day 2

Wednesday 4th November

Today our morning lecture was cancelled which meant my class got to have a lie in (a rare occurrence!). The only lecture we had was at 1pm and was on Countryside Interpretation, focusing on an upcoming project where we will have to create our own leaflets on two animals. The first thing I did when I got up and sat myself at my computer was make my weekly check list. I’m a sucker for organisation and I really think it’s beneficial to keep everything as organised as you can when studying. I’m the kind of person that has colour co-ordinated my classes so that when I take notes it’s easier to see what is from which class.
After my last lecture of each week, which is normally IT on a Thursday but I decided to do it a bit early this week, I note down the class and then go onto Moodle and check all the information that’s available for each unit. If there’s any new powerpoints or resources I haven’t looked at, I make a note of it. If there’s a new assignment unlocked, I pop that down too. I then usually make a rough note of what day I’ll do each thing.
As well as my physical notebook, I use an app called Notion on my computer to organise my calendar for class times, on campus sessions, assignments, and anything else college related. I like to take notes on there too sometimes if I’m doing something such as this Volunteering Sway presentation.
It’s not quite the same experience doing college from home but it does have its perks – like having a furry buddy snoozing to the right of my desk! Spending a lot of time in front of a computer isn’t great, so it’s good to have something to remind you to get up and move every so often, like a pet that needs walked or played with.

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