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SRUC Edinburgh Student Awarded Norvite Scholarship

SRUC Edinburgh student Christopher Ruddock is one of two winners of The Norvite Scholarship which is a competition for 4th year students based on their Honours project. The winner receives £1000 towards their final yearc ruddock 2 of study

Students submitted a copy of their third year project proposal in spring and in October eight students presented their project proposals to a panel consisting of Dr Matt Palmer (Norvite), Prof John Robinson (Retired SRUC professor in Animal Reproduction) and Alex Hilton. They selected two winners Ian Armstrong (RBM Aberdeen) who is looking at finishing lambs inside and Christopher Ruddock (Agriculture Edinburgh) based on their clear ideas and applied work relevant to the industry.

Chrstopher said “My project was looking into the effect of weaning age on the profitability of the dairy bred beef calf. I completed the study at Falahill farm where I currently work. Beginning in April we receive 51 Hereford male calves at 2 weeks old These were split into groups for weaning at 6, 8 and 10 weeks old. The calves were weighed once a week until post weaning, then less frequently until 6 months old.”

“I am very grateful to have been awarded the Norvite scholarship and it means a lot to me as I have a keen interest in animal nutrition and husbandry. I was surprised to have received the award as I am aware that my fellow students are undertaking a range of high quality and interesting projects.”

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