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SRUC Advent Calendar: December 10th

A wintry landscape scene

I am dreaming of a white Christmas… Are you?

1 in 6 Christmases in Scotland are white Christmases. And I personally love it.  It contributes to the overall atmosphere at Christmas. There is no better feeling than sitting inside with the log fire on, munching on a mince pie, drinking a hot chocolate staring  outside with the view of a magically crisp landscape covered in glistening snow, tree branches highlighted in white and then your wonky snowman you have created awkwardly staring back.

Snow doesn’t just look nice it actually has many benefits to our surrounding landscape. For example, very cold temperatures can freeze the soil at deeper levels causing damage to the soil. A layer of Snow actually acts as an insulator and helps conserve the moisture present in the soil.

The snow can also enhance some plants for example some trees and shrub’s the snow may highlight its ornamental barks.

If you wanted to learn more about landscaping. SRUC provides a practical experience in a wide range of landscaping skills. You can find more about our landscaping course we offer on our website.

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