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Registering with 112, one day may just save you.


112 is the European emergency number and is also recognised in many other countries outside the European Union. If you find yourself somewhere without signal, calling 112 will search for any available network to connect you to the emergency services. If the network is busy, 112 calls will be prioritised over other calls in being connected. 112 is a pre-programmed number in mobile phones and SIM cards. This means that, if you need to phone the emergency services on a locked phone, 112 will override its security to allow for the call to be made.

Registering with 112 will allow for you to send emergency SMS messages. As SMS messages require much smaller bandwidths than mobile voice calls, sending an SMS maximises your chances of reaching the help you need. 112 SMS messaging is also a life saving alternative to voice calls if you find yourself in a position where you are unable to speak.



How to register in 4 simple steps:

  • Send a SMS text message reading “REGISTER” to 112.
  • Wait a few seconds for a reply.
  • Read 112’s reply and respond with another SMS reading “YES”.
  • You will receive a final response confirming your registration. Now you will be able to send SMS messages in an emergency/accident.



In the event that you do need to contact the emergency services, include as much detail as you can. This will enable the emergency services to identify and deliver the help you need as quick as possible.


Your text should include;


  • WHICH emergency service is needed: Police, Ambulance, Fire Service, Coastguard or Mountain Rescue. (Please note that the Police are responsible for organising the Mountain Rescue, therefor if you Mountain Rescue, text Police.
  • WHAT is the problem.
  • WHERE is the help needed. Some location information may be automatically generated from the mobile network i.e. the location of the cellular mast that received the SMS text message. However, you should try to be as specific with your location as possible including details such as landmarks, addresses, grid references.

An example message;

Police. Twisted Ankle. South of Bennachie cairn, Aberdeen.”


For a video talk through of 112 in more detail and how to register, follow link; “Help Me” – 112 Must Know Information


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