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Shaun McGranaghan

Shaun McGranaghan tells SRUC how he Changed His Path from Rapid Response Paramedic to Arborist. Shaun expresses how the SRUC Arboriculture course has given his life purpose and how he has became a confident individual again!

Shaun McGranaghan SRUC Change your path

Name:  Shaun McGranaghan

Age: 53 years young

Previous career: State Reg. Rapid Response Paramedic

New career: Arborist/horse logger

Tell us a bit about your past career:

I was in the Scottish Ambulance Service for 21 years and worked my way up through the ranks (5 years) to become a Clinical Lead in pre-hospital care. My last six years with the service was as a lone Paramedic in the Rapid Response car doing “red” calls. Seven 12 hour shifts on, seven off. In my time I received several commendations, two Queen’s medals and I would take new doctors out with me for experience.

What led you to make the decision to change your career path?

I retired 2 years ago from the service with complex post traumatic stress syndrome, unfortunately a side effect of always being the first at any life threatening incidents. I could have sat at home and felt useless and got more depressed, but I didn’t. I think I have replaced my need for excitement with chainsaws and heights. No deadlines measured in minutes – just weather permitting and who doesn’t love heavy horses!

Which course did you study at SRUC?

Certificate in Forestry then Advanced Certificate in Forestry and Arboriculture

And at which campus?


Why did you choose to study at SRUC?

The various experiences of teachers, openness to the “older” student, and the ease of fitting in.

Tell us a bit about your experience at SRUC?

I have been pleasantly surprised at the support I have had to get “back to school” and how my life experience has been useful to other students.

How involved do you feel in SRUC aside from your academic course?

I have been elected class rep by my younger peers and I actually enjoy the feedback I get from my classmates. They are a great bunch.

How has your decision changed your life?

Every week my kids ask when are we getting the horse, and can we get a big 4×4 with more seats than a van. Also I have to put a limit on the height for their tree climbing! My stress and meds are in decline, magic!

Tell us three words to describe your life changing experience

1)            Purpose                                               2)            Confident                                            3)   smiles


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