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Scottish Apprenticeship Week- Erica Taylor

Erica Taylor- Agriculture- crops

Erica joined SRUC at the start of the harvest in 2017, her work, in a very male-dominated workplace was inspiring to those around her and she excelled in all her duties.

Staff members have commented frequently on Erica’s insatiable appetite to learn more about her field, from both her work and from her colleagues. Alongside this, Erica has stepped out of her comfort zone on numerous occasions, becoming highly competent in operating industrial forklifts within a very short space of time.Erica next to tractor

“My interest in agriculture was sparked when I was lucky enough to receive a week’s work experience with a local farmer, which then led me onto my first job in agriculture, with Soil Essentials. When out visiting the farms, the way they run and how they worked really interested me. I have always loved being outdoors so an office job was out of the question. I was fortunate enough to be given an amazing opportunity by J.G Orr to work on a large scale arable farm and have not look backed since”.

Erica loves the variation that she finds in her work, every day is different a new challenge excites her: “On the farm I get to participate in lots of different jobs, and no two days are the same, which keeps it exciting. We have to use a lot of communication skills as a team so we all keep in Sync. James has been really good with me over my time on the farm and has never restricted what I can do. He has always been patient and taken the time to show me how to do new things. Many of my daily responsibilities can include ground work in fields, maintenance and repair of machines assisting in the harvesting of crops or taking care of any livestock we have”.

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