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Sarah Scott – Horse Care

Sarah Scott, 25 had a previous  career as a housekeeper/waitress before changing her path to study equine with us at Oatridge. Sarah aspires to get a job in the equine industry, and currently volunteers at Nenthorn Equestrian Centre in Kelso in the Scottish Borders to increase her experience.

Sarah Scott - Equine student at SRUC Oatridge.

Sarah Scott – Equine student at SRUC Oatridge.


Tell us a bit about your past career:

“I was a housekeeper part time at Burts Hotel in Melrose down in the Scottish Borders. Whilst I was a housekeeper I was also studying small animal management at Borders College.  When I completed that course I was offered more hours at Burts Hotel doing waitressing as well as housekeeping. I also volunteered with the local rescue centre called Borders Pet Rescue. Where I would walk the dogs,  clean any pens or kennel  and any other duties as required. I have always had a love for animals. I worked there until 2014 which is when things started to change.  I took ill, so had to have some time off as well as I wanted a change in career in doing what I enjoy. “

What led you to make the decision to change your career path?

“While I was at college and working at Burts Hotel I decided I wanted to learn how to horse ride. I started riding at 18 years old. I absolutely loved going for my lessons. I learned to ride at Nenthorn Equestrian Centre in Kelso which is also in the Scottish borders. I loved it so much that when I was having time off I spent some of my time down at Nenthorn helping out. Because I enjoyed helping out there so much I decided that I wanted to go into the equine industry as a career. Being around horses is just amazing.”

Which course did you study at SRUC?

“I’m currently studying advanced certificate horse care and I have just recently applied for HNC equine studies to start in September 2018″

Why did you choose to study at SRUC?

“I heard that it was such a good college. I used to go to Borders College which is where I studied animal care and I also did my SVQ level  1 horse care. However I decided that I wanted to go to Oatridge as I heard too many positives about it and it was highly recommended.  I also wanted to meet new people outside of the Scottish borders.”

Tell us a bit about your experience at SRUC?

“So far I have had an absolutely amazing experience at Oatridge.  I find that they are very understanding. I feel like I can approach the lecturers if I have any issues.  I find that the work is well planned and organises. I feel that I  am coping well with the work load.”

How involved do you feel in SRUC aside from your academic course?

“I am a class rep for the AC horse care where I attend meetings.  I feel going to the meetings gets me involved with the campus in general and that it is a chance to put any point across from my class.”

How has your decision changed your life?

“I have such a positive outlook now a days.  Applying to Oatridge and attending gives me something to aim for. You are never too young to change you career path and never to young to study.”

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