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Saddled Up For Success

When Pavlina Veverkova finished studying graphic design in the Czech Republic, she moved to Scotland to help her sister open a café in Edinburgh.

However, after nearly five years of working in the café, the 26-year-old decided she wanted to try something new.

Her love of horses led her to apply for an Equine Studies course at Scotland’s Rural College, where she has just completed an HNC. Lina

“My job was challenging and fun, but there was still something missing in my life,” she said. “I missed horses so bad, that I decided that I would like to get a job in the equine industry and I saw that SRUC offers an equine-focused course.

“I always knew I would like to learn more about horses a bit more in depth, therefore this course sounded like the perfect choice. Having qualifications and knowledge makes it easier to find a job with horses.”

As part of her studies, she learned to jump over fences and completed a British Horse Society Stage 1 course.

She was also able to undertake a work placement in any country of her choosing and after completing a placement in Slovakia, she has now been offered a full-time job there as a groom and rider.

“This course changed my life around and I am really glad I found it,” she said. “It was full of really important information and I really liked the way it linked practical sessions with theory.

“I would recommend it to anyone. It’s great fun, you learn a lot of useful and important information about horses and you can become a better rider.”


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