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Researching and Protecting the Environment at SRUC

Wind turbinesThe importance of the environment is increasingly recognised in society and includes issues such as climate change, land management, habitat loss, pollution control, sustainable development and energy conservation. We are spending some time sharing stories about our Environmental Management courses this month and it seemed a good opportunity to share some of the Environmental related activity which takes place outwith the Education and teaching part of SRUC, feeding in expertise to all our courses.

SRUC conducts a great deal of research into Environmental topics, largely coordinated by the Land Economy, Environment and Society Research group.

For example, the Sustainable Ecosystems and Ecosystem Economics teams focus on the evaluation of ecosystem goods and services associated particularly with agro-ecosystems. This focus is driven by the increasing concern for sustainable use of natural resources and increasing general interest in taking an ecosystem approach to developing and implementing policies. Read the Sustainable Ecosystem team’s blog site here for a broader picture of the research taking place.

SRUC’s Rural Policy Centre was established in 2007 and conducts research projects with the aim to improve understandings of rural Scotland and to raise its profile nationally and internationally. Their work in the area of Changing Environment can be found here.

SAC Consulting have specialists in renewable energy, environment and environmental planning. Working with clients, they provide innovative environment solutions to the private and public sectors, throughout the project lifecycle from feasibility to implementation.

The Farming for a Better Climate project works with farmers to find practical ways to move towards a more profitable, low carbon future, adapt to a changing climate and secure farm viability for future generations. SAC Consulting are working with nine climate change focus farms across Scotland investigating, testing and sharing practical measures to reduce the farm carbon footprint.

SRUC’s Environmental Management courses work towards enabling you to apply appropriate solutions to a range of environmental problems. Career opportunities for environmental graduates include environmental auditing, renewable energy consultancy, environmental protection, recycling and waste reduction, planning, estate management, and pollution control. You can read some of our student stories on this site, and can find out more about our full-time, part-time, undergraduate, postgraduate, and distance learning programmes on our website.


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