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Reptile Awareness Day

Meet Randall the Rankins Dragon

Randall is a 5 year old inhabitant of the Animal Care Unit at the Aberdeen Campus. He is best known amongst students and staff for his cheekiness and love of attention.

Rankins Dragons look almost identical to, and are often confused for, the more commonly known Bearded Dragon. One way to distinguish between the 2, is that Rankins stay significantly smaller in size, with an average adult measuring 10-12″ long.


Cool Fact: In the wild, Rankins Dragons can use slight colour variations to help them camouflage with their environment and escape predators.


Top tips for keeping a Rankins Dragon

  • A great way to keep your Rankins Dragon fit and healthy is to give them space to swim. Like Randall, most Rankins Dragons love this as a play time activity. It also acts as a great source of exercise and helps to stimulate their bowels.


  • Rankins Dragons often love to be handled outside of their vivarium as it gives them the chance to view different surroundings. It is important to gradually introduce your dragon to any handling, especially at a young age when baby dragons are very delicate.


  • Your dragon friend may also be able to assist you in your gardening. Dandelion leaves and the odd Dandelion flower are a very nutritious food source for Rankins. However you do need to wash them first before feeding to your dragon.


  • Although your Rankins Dragon will not run around with it like a dog, it may like a ball to play with inside it’s vivarium. A ping pong sized ball could act as a fun stimulant for your dragon to nudge and play with. Colourful balls work best in enticing your dragon to investigate.


  • Like many animals, Rankins Dragons can carry diseases. Rankins can carry strains of Salmonella therefore it is essential to maintain good hygiene when handling your dragon. Wash your hands and wipe surfaces after every contact and avoid handling in areas of food preparation.

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