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Profile of an Aberdeen Librarian

In the second part of our profiles for Libraries Week we speak with SRUC Aberdeen librarian Rory MacLeod.

Introduce yourself

Hello! I’m Rory MacLeod and I’ve been campus librarian for SRUC Aberdeen campus since 2015. I’m originally from Orkney and have spent the last ten years in Aberdeen and Dundee.

How did you become a librarian?

I was originally studying Illustration in Dundee. I worked with Dundee Central Library on a photographic archive project and that began my interest in working in libraries. I studied for my MSc in Information and Library Studies with The Robert Gordon University and worked in the Orkney Library before joining SRUC.

What would be your advice to students on how best to use the library?

The library is about more than access to books. One of the expectations for students is that they can study independently; the library provides the resources and support to help students identify how they work best. The main thing for students is to be comfortable in being able to find the information you need and to ask for support when they require it.

What is available in the library that isn’t on Google?

Myself and my colleague Ross Wilson! We’re happy to help with any issues students (and staff) might have and can point out additional resources. Through the library they can access e-books and e-journals that won’t be able through Google. The library also holds required reading titles for each course and we ensure these are always available for students.

What do you like to do outside of your job in the library?

I’m very keen on art, history and culture – I was one of the 27,000 people who went to the V&A Dundee in its first week. I also enjoy new experiences and attending workshops in Aberdeen; I was having a go at making vegan cheesecake last week.

Finally, what is your favourite book?

Childhood’s End by Arthur C. Clarke.


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