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Out of the Blue (Monday)

The third Monday of January has been awarded the gloomy name Blue Monday due to a combination of post-Christmas blues, cold dark nights and financial woes. As SRUC offers courses in subject areas which lead to fun, rewarding careers, we would like to share some of the joy inspired by our courses to lift you on this miserable day.

  1. Animal Lover? Give your dog a hug, stroke your hamster or tickle your goldfish. Find out about Animal Care courses at Chinchilas


  1. Get outdoors!! Explore the glorious countryside and be at one with nature. Find out about courses in Countryside Management at Jardine


  1. Spring is just around the corner and flowers will soon start to bloom. Spend some time drawing and planning your dream garden. Find out about courses in Garden Design at


  1. Oi! Get some exercise! A round of golf gets you out in the fresh air and gets your blood pumping whilst also stimulating the brain. Find out about courses in Golf and Golf Management at

    The SRUC Alumni Women's Team

    The SRUC Alumni Women’s Team

  2. On your marks, get set, bake! Spend time in the kitchen creating your signature bake or cooking up a delicious feast. Cooking is a great stress reliever and you’ll end up with a yummy treat at the end. Find out about courses in professional cookery at Craig Trewern


  1. Horti but nice! Invest in a house plant to brighten your home. House plants improve air quality and can also provide a wide range of mental and physical health benefits. Find out about courses in Horticulture with Plantsmanship at Annie Horti




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