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Organic Business Growth with SRUC MSc Programmes

Robby Gass graduated in 2017 from the SRUC MSc Organic Farming programme and went on to start a successful consultancy business, he tells us about his success and how instrumental our distance learning course was to it.

With more than 25 years of South African conventional and mixed organic farming experience I returned to Scotland in 2013. As the newly appointed manager of a horticultural training nursery I also successfully completed the MSc Organic Farming degree in 2017 and the opportunities grew from there. My income grew to a new level, I was given more responsibility with autonomy and opinion was treated with higher regard.

on completion of this project I started Alba Organics, an independent organic consultancy business, and have already served to improve the operations of experienced and prospective organic famers with farms of various sizes and types in Britain and in Europe. I have had the honour of giving talks at the Danube Soils Conferences in Europe and delivering workshops to foreign graduates in England, highlighting the connections between our soil and our mental health. In addition to my consulting I also lecture on Organic Food Production and Horticultural Science at Ayrshire College, constantly promoting the choice of organic food for a better planet with a healthy future.

The camaraderie between my fellow students and the staff at the SRUC was very special over the 3 years of study and it lives on regardless of the distances. The MSc Organic Farming is a game changer. It changed my life!

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