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One student in five wants to run own business

 Horticulture and Landscaping survey sheds light on students’ big dreams.

One student in five wants to run their own business. That’s the finding of SRUC’s career aspiration survey filled in by the new students of Horticulture, Landscaping and Garden Design at the beginning of the year.

Of 127 student surveyed, 101 responded to questions about their career aspirations. Of 101 responses, the most popular answer is -perhaps unsurprisingly -a career in gardening . 36% of responses mention gardening or garden design as their chosen career path. Some of the answers are quite specific with 2% of students mentioning therapy and an additional 5% mentioning either community gardens or picking national organisations they’d like to work for.

The second most popular answer are students mentioning the running of their own business and self-employed work, with 20% of respondents setting their sights on the independence and prestige that comes with managing your own enterprise.

The result of this survey demonstrates that SRUC students in this subject area have clear ideas about their future and dream big!

Horticulture, Landscaping and Garden Design courses at SRUC progress from Access level up to HNC, HND and Bachelor’s Degrees. The varied nature of the courses ensures that each student has a solid understanding of horticulture and plants, as well as landscape and construction methods which includes the knowledge and skills to work with a wide variety of materials. Some of the Garden Design courses equip students with transferable skills such as IT and business plan writing and represent the perfect choice whether you are wanting to improve your knowledge of the subject or you’re seeking a career change.


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