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Top tips for staying safe on dark nights

You want to make sure an enjoyable night out stays enjoyable. Here are a few simple tips to help you keep safe

A half moon at night time

  • Make sure your mobile is fully charged before going out
  • Plan your route to and from home.
  • Pre book a taxi and arrange a time and place to be picked up or if travelling by bus, make sure you allow plenty of time so not to miss the last bus.
  • Safety in numbers – always stick together and don’t go off on your own
  • If you do have to be on your own, make sure a friend or family member knows where you are going to, who you are meeting and let them know when you’re home safely again.
  • Enjoy your night out but always be aware of your surroundings. Never leave your personal belongings or drinks unattended and never accept a drink off a stranger
  • Buy a mini torch to have on your keyrings
  • Stay to well lit paths and walk with confidence – don’t be distracted by your mobile.
  • Download an app to your phone so you can be located (‘find my friends’ or ‘family locator’ are just two examples)

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