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New Student Leadership Team

Martina Bradacova and Gemma Jones

The new team elected to lead the award winning Scotland’s Rural College Students Association (SRUCSA) through 2017/18 have taken up their posts. Gemma Jones is the new President – stepping up from her year as Vice President in 2016/17. Martina Bradacova is the new Vice President. Gemma and Martina both studied at SRUC’s Ayr Campus.

The new pairing are the fifth joint presidential team to represent SRUC students across all six campuses. In 2016 SRUCSA won the Best Small and Specialised Students’ Association Award from the National Union of Students (NUS) in recognition of the progress made since it was formed in 2013.

Gemma – who is well known among students having already served as a class representative, campus officer and vice-president – says her main aim is to increase student engagement and improve the current representation of students.

“Last year I worked hard to improve the visibility and accessibility of SRUCSA. After a year working with the students, I know that we need to work on better ways to communicate with them. This year I would like to work on engaging the student voice and getting feedback from SRUC to the students faster.

“I would like to see as many student’s as possible engaged with their students’ association whether that be through representation, campaigns, awareness projects, sports, clubs or societies.

In addition to representing SRUC students Gemma, as Student President, will join the Board of SRUC. Following her year as President, Gemma hopes to secure a job in outdoor education.

New Vice-President Martina was a student representative in the past and her focus will be on strengthening the equal access and awareness of study support services. She will also concentrate on work experience opportunities amongst all courses across all SRUC campuses, and raising awareness of international study opportunities.

“SRUCSA has done a great job in the past in student voice representation and I want to continue this legacy through more personal engagement with students. I would also like to conduct an investigation involving students on how SRUC can ensure their education and student experiences meet their expectations.

Wayne Powell, SRUC Principal and Chief Executive, congratulated the new team: “The Students Association is playing an increasingly significant role and is recognised for its very positive input to college affairs. We are very proud of the constructive working relationship we enjoy with SRUCSA and I look forward to working with the new executive team.”

You can find out more about getting involved in SRUCSA on their website.


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