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New Developments in Animal Welfare Research Conference

All SRUC Edinburgh Applied Animal Science students attended a conference on Animal Welfare Research.

The conference was held at the new Roslin Institute Building at Easter Bush, and all (1st-4th year) undergraduate Applied Animal Science students attended.

The conference highlighted some of the key issues in animal welfare research today.

Experts in animal health and welfare presented on topics including breeding against pig aggression, management of farm animals during pregnancy, developments in farrowing research and promoting a duty of care towards animals in children and young people.

Of particular interest was the afternoon’s panel discussion ‘Animal welfare in Britain today; how far have we come?’ which was chaired by Ken Rundle. Dr Andrew Voas – Veterinary Adviser to Scottish Government, Phil Brooke – Welfare and Education manager, Compassion in World Farming and Margaret Finlay from Cream O’Galloway farms, discussed animal welfare from their differing perspectives.

The lunch session also offered students the chance to meet our research scientists at SRUC and discover how they carry out their research. There were demonstrations of our thermal imaging equipment and students learned how we monitor and assess animal behaviour, and how animals medicate themselves by foraging for medicinal plants.


Students attending an animal welfare conference in 2013

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