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My Honour’s Project by Darren Smith

Environmental Management student Darren Smith is in his 4th year at the SRUC Edinburgh campus and has just finished his dissertation. Here, Darren shares the topic he chose for his honour’s project and how SRUC helped him complete it.

The subject of my honour’s project was “Assessment of Current Sustainability and Climate Change Awareness asDarren s Drivers of Behaviour Change in Waste Management”.  The investigation was looking at the waste management behaviours of those in Scotland, with the information collected using an online survey distributed via social media. The survey asked social-demographic questions to find out the age, rough residential location, approximate income bracket and gender identity. This information was then collated and cross referenced with the other answers to the questions, these primarily focused on the respondent’s recycling practices, and frequency of trips to local recycling facilities.  The respondent’s opinions of local recycling schemes, like the curb collection of recyclables, and local recycling facilities.

SRUC helped me carry out this investigation by providing a broad range of modules leading up to my 4th year. The wide range of modules meant I had been given experience with software that helped with the data manipulation and data analysis. My supervisor, Dr Jennifer Carfrae, also provided a massive help to the project, as her expertise helped guide its direction of data collection. Dr Andrew Innes and Dr Alistair Hamilton also provided help when it came to finalising the statistical tests used in the investigation.


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