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My Favourite Rural Business Management Module

SRUC student Megan Harvey is in her first year of the Rural Business Management course at the Edinburgh campus. Here she tells us what her favourite module is and how she is able to apply what she learns from the course to her family farm during lockdown.

Shotton farm

My home farm which is called Shotton Farm. First and last farm in England!

Hi there, my name is Megan and I am in my first year of studying Rural Business Management at SRUC’s Edinburgh campus. My favourite module so far has been Livestock Production Systems which I studied in the first semester. I am a farmers daughter who has a keen interest in the livestock on our farm, we have beef cattle and sheep. An advantage of studying at home due to Covid-19 is that some days, in the morning I have a lecture and then in the afternoon when I am working on the farm, I am surrounded by things that I have just been learning about.

In the Livestock Production Systems module we learnt about the main systems of livestock production in the UK for dairy cattle, beef cattle, sheep and pigs.

We went on virtual farm visits and then had to produce three farm reports describing the components of the production system operated on the farm visited, a description of the efforts made by the farmer to meet customer specifications and quality requirements with the products produced on the farm and a description of how the enterprise viewed fits the farm type and labour availability.

I also love the business side of the course, and I am enjoying the Business, Human Resource and Economics modules. This is definitely the right course for me and I recommend it to anyone that has an interest in farm business or the rural industry.


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