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Why I chose a Modern Apprenticeship in Agriculture

Andrew Campbell is 16 years old and lives on a farm in Whithorn, which is a 400 acre mixed farm, with  220 sucklers, 160 ewes including 40 pedigree Texels and they also grow 70 acres of barley.

“I have always had a keen interest on our family farm for as long as I can remember. One of my 1st memories was being out helping my dad at lambing time.

The reason I chose to do the Modern Apprenticeship was that I had achieved all my National 5 exams at the end of 4th year. I decided that due to the ongoing  pandemic school was not where I was going to achieve my full potential, whereas the Modern Apprenticeship allowed me to  enhance my knowledge and skills in agriculture which I will use in the future.

The Modern Apprenticeship teaching at the Barony has allowed me to study different aspects of farming, learning about animal nutrition and calf rearing to mention but a few of the topics we have covered. I also enjoyed meeting other students my own age with the same shared interests.

I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of my job especially the fact that no two days are the same.

After I have completed my Modern Apprenticeship I have accepted an offer to continue my agricultural studies on the National Certificate course at the Barony which I am looking forward to starting in September.”

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