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Meet the SRUC Edinburgh Library Assistant

It is Libraries Week and so to celebrate we would like to shine a light on the SRUC Edinburgh campus library assistant, Martina Sjolund.

How did you become a librarian?

I always enjoyed the research process of my studies and when it was time to make myself a bit more employable after Martinahaving studied various things at Uni the two came together.

What would be your advice to students on how best to use the library?

A good idea is to familiarise yourself with the catalogue, more important than ever I guess right now. Do some searching and virtual browsing and find out what’s in the library – in print and electronic form.

What is available in the library that isn’t on Google?

Google can be useful for many things of course but in this case I would probably say most of the resources you will need for your course.

What do you like to do outside of your job in the library?

Anything outdoors – allotment, walking, swimming… though in reality I probably spend more time driving my daughter back and forward to her horse! Started learning a few languages on Duolingo during lockdown, it has become very addictive!

Finally, what is your favourite book?

I feel like saying it’s our latest short loan edition of Pathways to Pregnancy and parturition as I’ve been in close contact with this book for a number of years 😊 Favourite book is always the one I read at the moment. Right now it’s Days without end by Sebastian Barry and Swede Hollow by Ola Larsmo. It’s been fascinating to read them at the same time as they highlight different aspects of the immigration to America in the 19th century.

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