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Let’s clear the air

Clean air day (21st June) seems a good day to highlight the contribution SRUC is making to the Farming for a Better Climate programme. Farming for a Better Climate (FFBC) is run by SRUC on behalf of the Scottish Government and combines scientific research with practical advice to improve farm performance, and resilience to the effects of climate change.


“Farming for a Better Climate (FFBC) provides practical support to benefit the farm and help reduce our impact on the climate. Taking action as a sector, both to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to adapt to a changing climate, will secure farm viability for future generations.”


You can take a look at the FFBC website for some online resources and advice on the topics of resource efficiency, carbon footprinting, renewable energy, soils and fertilisers, energy use, livestock performance, and adapting to climate change. For example, farms generate greenhouse gas emissions through use of fossil fuels, as a natural by-product of animal digestion, and changes in land-use and vegetation. Beyond the farm gate agri-food chains also emit emissions through activities such as processing, packaging, waste management and haulage. FFBC offers access to an online Agricultural Resource Efficiency Calculator, AgRE Calc © which analyses emissions for the whole farm, thus helping to highlight areas in which improvements can be made.

In addition to its work with FFBC, SRUC also have specialist consultants in renewable energy, environment and environmental planning and conducts research via its Carbon Management Centre into the reduction of carbon emissions from agriculture and food production.

These skills, knowledge and expertise feed in to our courses and programmes educating the agricultural and environmental workforce of the future. SRUC offers courses in environmental management and agriculture, among other subjects, and environmental awareness is a topic built in to most of our courses as standard.

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