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Let the Students see the Soil











Aberdeen Agriculture Degree students recently visited SoilEssentials Ltd at Hilton of Fern. They were shown various aspects of the advancing technology used throughout the Agronomy sector. Students were able to drive the Trimble auto steer equipped tractor which demonstrated the accuracy of RTK (Real Time Kinematic) technology.


They also watched a demonstration on drones used for yield mapping. The device gave a lot of food for thought, showing that the information collected through its use could be transferred to combines and vari-app machines. Thus correlation giving an opportunity for crop producers to alter their farming methods to maximise efficient productivity. The group was introduced to new software, Kore, which has its initial launch at Agritechnica on 17-18 Novemeber this year.


One lucky student was given responsibility of a Carbon Fibre Censor worth £25k!!! The sensor can measure the soil at different depths, including moisture readings and other desired specifics.

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